Scope of the Cloud

Scope of the cloud, 2021, Arcade PC game, Game controller, Research archive, Neon Signs, variable size, Zer01ne 2021 Day

The game sets its stage on a floating city in 2051, CLOUD, where people face the effect of global warming as climate refugees. The city’s common transportation is the flying cars known as UAM (Urban Air Mobility). In this city, the bird became a pest. Birds get in the way of UAM sky route and occur an accidents by flying toward the propellers of UAM drones.
The basic story of the game is open ending and it is entirely up to the player whether to choose the ending. If the player does not agree with the rules of the game to kill the bird or attack humans, the game will show player a different ending, so that player can proceed with the game at his/her own will.

“Where should our gaze be directed in the future when we do not have to hold the steering gear? At a time when the climate crisis becomes a big issue, what will be the impact of human mobility and how should we prepare for the future? How will human beings in the future relate to the Earth and coexist with other life forms?”

Each game console lets you play the city planner, the researcher, and the flightless bird. The game explores Cloud of the future city for climate crisis refugees and asks questions about the meaning and value of future mobility. It also allows players to experience how the issues of mobility can affect ecosystems and human lives by designing to change the ending of the game due to players' choices and actions.


[ How to play ]

START : Press X Key
Jump: Z
Attack: X
Skill: W

Some features do not work on mobile. Please connect from PC to play

PLAY BIRD ︎(click)        

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The flightless bird has already lost all its families and has lost hope of surviving on the scorching desert floor.
This bird instinctively knows that it must climb up to survive by attacking humans.
Skills: Attack and jump power are lowered, and it has a special function of discharging resources (poop)