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“ Some life on Earth is rapidly disappearing. Is it possible for human technology to develop in a non-anthropocentric way?”

Can technology exist to prevent the Anthropocene crisis? The increasing processing speed and performance of graphics cards every year only contributes to the mass production of the virtual currency market, deepfake technology, and gossip for fake news. When environmental changes are inevitable, what are some practical actions that would be a possible or impossible solution using human-centered technology?

This project aims to provide a new perspective on the reason for the existence of technology and its value by appropriating human-centered technology that runs parallel to the various life forms on Earth. This mother bird drone, which is modeled after the kestrel by adapting to the city and increasing the population, is equipped with a visual recognition model of the hawk-kestrel, providing new education to other city resident birds to adapt to the city. Through the work, the Ai technology reconstructs the human/non-human relationship as an algorithm and functions as a third party that coordinates the relationship between the two.

MockingBird Ai Project :
Kestrel Drone

KESTREL DRONE, 2022, PC game, Ai tracking camera, Bird Drone, Neon Signs, variable size, Zer01ne 2022 Day

The MockingBird Ai project is an extension of the game “Scope of the Clouds (2021)" . The creation of the drone was based on real Urban Air Mobility policy, a study on the problem of collision with birds.

Kestrel Drone: A mother bird Ai drone for birds living in Seoul.

Modeled after the kestrel, which has grown in population by adapting to apartments in Korea, this mother bird drone helps other urban birds to adapt to the city like kestrels. The resident birds are trained on a safe sky route, along with instructions from the kestrel's mother bird drone to avoid bird strike with city windows, drone taxis, and other flying vehicles. The resident birds are raised by drones for two weeks from egg to flight. In the exhibition space, the drone learns or reacts to the objects of actual visitors and moves along the line of sight. By presenting this process as an audience-participating performance, the work questions the possibility of dehumanization of human-centered science and technology.

This work was sponsored by the Zer01ne(Hyundai motor studio
open innovation platform).


                Interview for the Researches on Birdstrike in Seoul : 
                National Institute of Ecology
                Incheon International Airport
                Korea Bird Protection Association