Blind Landing

DA VINCHI CREATIVE 2019 - Media Art Biennale

Blind Landing is an interactive installation inspired by the novel, "Night Flight". Pilot, Fabien, is forced to make "instrumental landings," trained to rely on technology rather than believe in one's own senses in flight control.
As a metaphor, the work is installed as a control room where the audience becomes an individual pilot tester, predicted and guided by an AI mass-viewer.

The participant’s gaze and attentional level data is displayed—alongside the AI viewer—with a gradient scale consisting of five shades of red, based on the priority of prediction.  By utilizing a custom-built computer, an EEG helmet, and eye tracking, the installation uses the search results for "most viewed videos on YouTube" as a case, enabling participants to see how predictable they are under the algorithm of recommendation.

As a SNS platform with content promotion algorithms seeks to expend its business model using radical-symbiosis techniques, such as brain-computer-interface, the techniques risk inducing slanted mass media in micro levels of cognition based on customer decision-making habits. The work captures the points in which viewing content becomes daunting and hinders the viewer's probability.

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Support received from
  (Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culutre ).
- g.tech(Austria, vender: UKI Korea).
- KAIST Interactive Media Lab
- Center for Anthropocene Studies,
- Cooperation with Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI).


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