Hope for Rats

2020 백남준아트센터 랜덤 액세스 Vol. 7 오주영 《주사위 게임》

Our everyday life is surrounded by numerous outcomes of scientific research. People believe in and rely on scientific facts and even look for hope for the future of mankind in scientific advances. However, it is almost impossible for the public to deeply understand scientific accomplishments, diverse and complicated. Our understanding of science is mostly at a superficial level and the majority of people’s faith in science is almost blind. Based on her own experiences as an artist as well as a researcher Oh points out that the basis scientific truths are founded on is not as solid as our expectations.

Hope for the Rats, 2020

Scientific discovery is a result of many failures. Therefore, a scientist’s research and experiment are inevitably repetitive work based on hope and a sense of duty. Such a scientific methodology cannot guarantee a significant outcome and is sometimes involved in destructive acts in the process. Hope for the Rats is comprised of a video game and records of failure that researcher P experienced. Visitors are invited to become the subjects of researcher P by the process of going through symbolically implemented stages while manipulating laboratory rats in the game. P’s efforts to produce rats with diabetes do not come to fruition, leading to sacrificing a number of rats regardless of the results of experiments. Repeated failures that visitors are bound to experience during the course of playing the game are reminiscent of the imperfect basis on which scientific truths are founded.

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이 작품은 백남준 아트센터의 커미션을 받아 제작되었습니다
Commisioned by Nam June Paik Art Center

Sound: The Cinematic Ochestra - Man with the movie camera
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